7 October 2012

How to make Ear Cuffs: method 1

I love ear cuffs :) They're so cute, and you don't have to go through all the pain and after care that comes with a real piercing. All you do is put them on your ear and you're done.

I thought of several different ways to make Ear Cuffs, each method requires a strip of wire. You can add on beads, chains... If your ear piercing is 100% healed (be careful... newly pierced ears rip easily) you can join it all together using studs or tiny hoop earrings and it'll look really cute and unique :D
My ears look so weird lol!

In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to make a relatively small cuff, like the one in this picture :)

Basically, all you do is make the design flat, and then use something round (such as a paint brush) to make it curved.

1. It's easier to draw your design out on paper first. Draw it in the way you want to make it. Curve your pencil around and DO NOT take it off of the paper. You might find you have to re-do it a few times :) But it will give you a good idea on how you want to make it. Tip: you want to start it with a loop and end it with a loop. You can make them whatever shape, as long as it makes a continuous loop that doesn't have any gaps. Remember, we start by making it flat.

2. Make your design.

You can thread on beads and make the design in whatever shape. Make sure it isn't too long, make it a little shorter that I made mine. Remember, it has to start with a loop of some sort, and end with some sort of loop. By the way: if your wire is soft enough, you might find it easier to actually use your fingers to form the shape of the wire.

3. Use a paint brush/pen to curve to design around.

You may find you have to use your fingers to change the shape so it suites it more.

And you're done :)
To put it on your ear, slide it on to the top of your ear where the cartilage curves around (I believe it's called the 'helix'), and gradually make your way down until you find it sits comfortably. For some people, you'll find it slides in to a comfortable position quite quickly. For others, it'll take a while to find that position where it fits nicely. It all depends on the structure of your ear.

I'm going to make some more tutorials on how to make ear cuffs. I'll show you how to add charms, stud earrings and chains...